Basic Principles of Web Designing

Basic Principles of Web Designing

As a web designers or developers, we should know the value of the Design of a website or app. Web design is a combination of graphic design, user interface design(UI Design), user experience design(UX Design), and so on.

I am a front developer who likes to learn new things and technologies. While learning about Web Design, I came across a post by Ahammad Shawki on How to Use Basic Web Design Principles to Make Your Site Beautiful.

As a web developer or designer, you should keep in mind the elegance of colors while designing the website, the importance of contrasts of elements, proper use of whitespaces in web design, fonts that helps for better user experience, and a visual hierarchy that focuses on the main moto or motive of the website.

We need to follow the above principles to make the websites more readable, better user experience, gather more audience to our website.

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