How to remove npm and NodeJS in ubuntu?

This article is on how to uninstall npm and nodejs completely in ubuntu. Use the below commands to uninstall the npm and nodejs.

So, Let's get started:

Step: 1 Open the terminal in Ubuntu

Open the terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T or right-click and select open in terminal.

Step: 2 Remove nodejs

The below command will remove nodejs.

      sudo apt-get remove nodejs

Step: 2 Remove npm

To remove npm, use the below command.

      sudo apt-get remove npm

Untile now, we just removed nodeJS and npm. To remove npm and nodejs completely, follow the following instructions.

Step: 3 Remove node list

Use the first command to open the directory which consists node lists. Remove all the node lists like nodesource.list present in that folder.

      cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
      sudo  rm nodesource.list

Step: 4 Go to Home folder

      cd ~

Step: 5 Check for .npm and .node folder and remove them

To list all the files, follow the following command.

      ls -a

If there is folder with .npm, .node, or both, then delete them. Replace .npm with .node for node folder.

      sudo rm -rf .npm

Now use the which command to check if there is any files is available with names like node, nodejs, or npm. Replace npm with the other two to check.

      which npm

Congrats, the npm and nodes are removed completely.

Thank you for reading this article.